Call us and order your breakfast when you book your room.
Help us make your stay a great one.
That’s our goal.

~Rusty & Robin~

Overnight Guests have available:
- Coffee, Tea, Bottled Spring Water
- Guests also have Baked Goods Available


Breakfast Menu:

  • Juice – Select One (1):
    • Orange Juice, Grapefruit, Cranberry
  • Eggs – Select One (1):
    • Easy-Over, Scrambled, Omelet
    • Special type of Omelet, Just ask.
  • HuntersMoonBreakfast2Meat – Select One (1):
    • Bacon or Sausage
  • Potatoes – Select One (1):
    • Hash Browns or Home Fries
  • Toast – Select One (1):
    • Rye, Wheat, Italian

*** OR Pancakes w/ Sausage or Bacon

(Please pick one breakfast from the variety of choices we have on the menu.)

Condiments available, Just ask.
Any Dietary Restrictions, Please Let us Know.

You Won’t Leave our Table Hungry!

 * All cooking is off limits to our guests.