Eagles Nest @ Hunters Moon

Posted on // .leftblk{float:left; overflow:hidden} 0 Comments Checkout the Eagles nest near the Hunters Moon Lodge Bed & Breakfast (within walking distance) in Climax PA! Enjoy nature in a peaceful creek-side setting nestled in the Pennsylvania Hills. Book your room at the Moon today! Contact us  

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Redbank Valley Trail in Western PA is 2014 Trail of the Year

Posted on // .leftblk img{float: left; margin-top:22px; *margin-top:18px; padding-right: 15px;} 0 Comments The trail offers endless opportunities for the nature lover!! Exciting views of the Redbank Valley as it is and was hundreds of years ago. Trail parallels a beautiful creek, teaming with fish. Trail also offers opportunity for seeing other animals such as a variety of birds, deer, turkeys and other wildlife. A bird watcher’s paradise!  Water fowl, song birds and birds of […]

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